Award Winning

2013 Ragan & PR Daily Ace Award Winner

Affect is proud to be a recipient of the 2013 Ragan and PR Daily Ace Award for B-to-B Business Services.

Hermes 2013 Platinum Award

Affect was the recipient of a Platinum Hermes Award in 2013 for Publicity, Breaking News Coverage.



Five Essentials for Your Crisis Communications Toolkit

When a crisis breaks, things accelerate quickly. It takes only minutes for a scandalous tweet to end up as top news on Huffington Post, and only one reporter to...
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Avoiding the Perils of Real-Time Marketing

The power of social media is, in part, the ability to capture and share information in real-time. For many brands this means using real-time marketing (RTM) tactics...
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Digital Native News: Four Steps for PR Success

In part two of our series on Pew’s 2014 State of the Media Report, we explore the growth in digital native news and the steps PR pros can take to build successful...
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